The most innovative things happening with Luxury Bathroom Accessories
06 Mar 2021

The most innovative things happening with Luxury Bathroom Accessories

Current trends in bathroom accessories design reflect customers’ inclination towards spa-like luxuries and smart innovations. They look for style, cutting-edge technology, and luxury of the bathroom while choosing the bathroom accessories.

  Current trends in bathroom accessories design reflect customers’ inclination towards spa-like luxuries and smart innovations. They look for style, cutting-edge technology, and luxury of the bathroom  while choosing the bathroom accessories.

  Bathrooms are often considered to be the least appealing rooms of the house. Queo brings to you the most innovative  luxury bathroom accessories to make for you a bathroom of your dreams.

  The youth of the nation is obsessed with speed and efficiency that the technology bring. It has become an integral part of everyone’s lives be it smartphones, laptops, home appliances or other  technical devices. Queo’s hi-tech and luxury bath accessories will surely turn your bathroom into a technological haven and leave your guests pleasantly surprised.


  Queo brings automated electronic water closet in the name of  F-Automode  offering unmatched style with the latest technology. It comes with one touch rear cleansing, adjustable water direction, pressure, temperature and an oscillating function. Controlled by remote,  this water closet uses different Automode functions instead of using the mainframe button on the side of the water closet.

  Unique Features of F-Automode

   LED indicator panel 

  Seat cover cushion

  Dryer outlet to remove wet patches post cleaning

  Rear cleansing nozzle

  Feminine cleansing nozzle

  Heated seat for cold winters

  Adjustable water pressure and temperature

  Self-cleaning nozzle

  Power saving mode

  Soft night lamp

  Sensor seat cover


  Smart Tap

  Queo’s Smart Tap is the result of a smart luxurious revolution that combines a pure, sensational experience with luxurious look and feel while bathing. This smart shower system makes your  bathing an indulging experience. Queo’s Smart Tap is controlled via voice command, Google Assistant, smartphone app, and manual digital controllers. With Smart tap, you can enjoy the perfect flow of  water at the right temperature and save the settings for daily downpour.

  It creates an ambience of relaxation with your favorite music playing for luxurious indulgence.

  Queo’s SmarTap has a unique feature of identifying bathing patterns and send warnings if there is a deviation from these patterns. Queo SmarTap also allows you to protect your  loved ones, particularly children, by limiting the maximum temperature during bathing to prevent any risk of scalding.



  Queo’s F-iTouch is a Digital Thermostat, pioneering new technology for your bathing space. It is a complete bathing system that gives you complete control of the temperature, flow and pressure of  water on your fingertips. The users can customize their bath settings with F-iTouch thermostat remote.

  Give your bathing experience a next level of luxury with F-iTouch, be it the wetness of mist, waterfall, a tropical downpour or thrill of a roaring jet stream.

  Functions of F-iTouch

  Rainfall Function

  Bodyjet Function

  Cascade Waterfall Function

  Mist/Handshower Function

  Child-Lock Mode


  Water Resistant Control



  Queo presents a rain shower head with an inbuilt speaker system that lets you groove to your playlist while giving you a rain dance experience. The Bluetooth enabled showerhead lends you the freedom  to connect it with a wide range of devices. The speaker also enables you to take calls and comes with an inbuilt dual microphone noise reduction feature.


  Wet Beatz Showerhead plus Wireless Speaker lets you drench yourself in your favourite music and a warm rain like spring. La-Musique is one-of-its-kind ultimate showering delight prepared to match any  decor crafted by an innovative idea like never before.


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