Know more about Trending Digital Showers!
25 Jan 2021

Know more about Trending Digital Showers!

When you wake up in the morning, you find that things are not in your control. The weather, the traffic, the broken coffee machine, etc.

When you wake up in the morning, you find that things are not in your control. The weather, the traffic, the broken coffee machine, etc., make you feel helpless and low. What you can control is your morning shower! Are you finding it to be a joke? Let us surprise you!

The world is going digital! Everything around you is getting better and better with the advancement of technology, how can the shower industry lag behind? With the constantly evolving technology, a new shower system is introduced called digital shower! The introduction of digital showers is turning your bath experience something far more luxurious.

Here is our effort to provide you with all the information about digital showers for you to be able to take an informed decision whether digital showers are a right choice for you! Let us also have a look at the digital shower of the luxurious bathroom fittings brand QUEO to convert your bathroom into smart bathroom.

1. What is a digital shower?

Digital showers are different from traditional showers as they have digital built-in thermostat. They remotely and accurately control the temperature and flow of the water by the use of technology. This can be done using remote or external digital control panel. Digital showers come in various models, all hosting some additional features to revive your bathing experience.

2. Remote thermostat technology

You can, externally or with the help of a remote, control the degree of water temperature and flow with the help of built-in thermostat technology.

3. LED display

The control panel comes with LED display to make it look futuristic. It can be easily operated with just a finer touch or remote control. The built-in lightings make the display visible for you to operate.

The basic features of every digital shower are explained below:

4. Smartphone technology

As if the digital panel wasn’t enough that the shower system can also be connected with your smartphone via app. Many digital shower models support smartphone technology where the shower can be operated easily via your mobile app or voice assistant. These smart and voice-controlled showers allow you to set the temperature and turn on/off the shower without you getting drenched.

4. Programmable functions

Digital showers give you the facility to pre-set the program as preferred by you generally. You can save the settings for your kids and pets so that you do not have to set the program every time you, your kids or pets go for a bath.

5. Dual outlets

Many digital showers come with two smart shower head outlets: an overhead rain shower and a detachable hand-held spray head. They possess extraordinary features to give you a spa-like bathing experience.

6. Why are Digital showers a good option?

Digital showers are useful and convenient over traditional showers in the following ways:

  • They have the potential to save water and energy as the temperature and flow can be easily controlled.
  • They are the best option for the people or senior citizens having mobility issues. Digital showers can be operated with a mere touch or mobile app.
  • They give aesthetic and luxurious look to your bathroom.
  • Their installation is easy and quick.

If you are wondering which digital shower can be your best buy, QUEO’s F-iTouch Digital shower is designed keeping in mind all the qualities that is needed to make it the best digital shower in the shower industry.

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