7 Ways To Smarten Up Your Small Bathroom
10 Apr 2020

7 Ways To Smarten Up Your Small Bathroom

Are you planning to remodel your bathroom into a luxury space? Are you worried that the small space you’ve allotted for your bathroom will make it look crammed?

Are you planning to remodel your bathroom into a luxury space? Are you worried that the small space you’ve allotted for your bathroom will make it look crammed? Well, with the right tips and bath-ware, you can easily transform your small bathroom into a luxurious haven without making it look congested. If you are planning to invest in your bathroom and convert it into a beautiful and opulent space with the latest bathroom technology, then you must look at the range of luxury products offered by Queo. 

With state-of-the-art technology and aesthetic designs, Queo products exude luxury, class, and style. Experience the best bathroom tech innovations with Queo. If you are confused about the kind of products you want to invest in, here is a guide for you:

1. Automatic Water Closet

If you are thinking about investing in smart bathroom technology, then this is it! F-Automode, Queo’s automated water-closet is a one-of-a-kind product that seamlessly brings together class, luxury, style, and technology. The one-touch rare cleansing makes this product a standout. Additionally, its compact sizing makes it a must-have for small bathrooms. This masterpiece offers adjustable water direction, pressure, temperature, and oscillating functions so that you can customize everything as per your requirement.

This automatic water closet is truly futuristic and will definitely leave your guests stunned. It also has a feminine cleansing nozzle which is gentle and can be safely used by kids as well. The ergonomically shaped seat has a heating system that provides optimum support when you sit on it. There is also a soft night lamp on the side to keep the space well lit at night. That’s not it! This absolutely amazing product comes with a remote control to transform every trip to the bathroom into a luxury experience.



This product has made headlines in the world of bath-ware, all thanks to the innovation behind it. While pushing the envelope to keep up with making a mark in the digital world, the smart tap learns about your shower preferences, and with intuitive control, recreates the best shower possible. Enjoy a spa-like experience at home with Queo’s SmarTap. The warm-up mode will help create the perfect shower for you. Your bath will be synchronized with your personal preferences, making your shower experience immensely satisfying. Controlled by a smartphone app with voice commands, Queo’s SmarTap is like no other. Taking an indulgent bath will become your favourite thing to do after you install this product. What’s more, it’s size makes it ideal for small bathrooms!

3. Digital Touch Thermostat


The F-itouch Digital Thermostat by Queo allows you to create a luxurious high tech bathroom environment. Its minimal design combined with its intuitive functionality gives you extreme control over your shower with just a touch. You can now customize your shower by creating a mist, a waterfall, a jet stream or a downpour, depending on your requirements and preferences. If you enjoy a sensorial shower then the rainfall flow is going to take your shower experience to another level. The body jet lets the water hit your skin with the exact pressure needed to help you relax and enjoy a therapeutic shower experience. The hand shower or mist flow is sure to energize your senses after a long and tiring day. It’s one touch on-off control, auto accurate and safe temperature control, and child lock functionality makes it an ideal choice for every bathroom.

 4. Musical Shower Head


Love listening to music while you are in the shower? Queo’s La Musique Wet Beatz is a rain showerhead with an in-built wireless speaker that allows you to listen to your favourite songs while you take a shower, making this morning ritual one of the most enticing experiences of your day. This product is the ultimate showering delight for anyone who is a music lover and loves to indulge in long, comfortable showers. The innovative showerhead comes with a rechargeable Bluetooth speaker, and is compatible with any Bluetooth device, letting you easily connect it to your favourite playlist any time. The one-touch call answering technology, allows you to take calls even while you are in the shower, which is a boon for those who are always busy and work at all times. The dual-microphone noise reduction makes listening to music a lot more fun. This device will be a favorite among those who struggle to take out time for themselves as it lets you have quality me-time while taking a bath! This state-of-the-art technology will be an ideal luxurious addition for your compact bathroom considering that it occupies very little space.

5. Chromotherapy Shower


Chromotherapy is the latest invention in the world of bathroom tech. Your shower ritual will be completely transformed, once you install the F-Acqua Pura or F-Clair Chromotherapy showerheads by Queo. Coming with a range of water flow options to choose from, these showerheads emit colourful light along with the water that keeps changing depending upon the temperature of the water. Working on the science of colour therapy, these showers will surely uplift your mood and elevate your senses, making your bath time, your favourite time of the day. 

6. Sink Mixer With Touch Sensor


The F-iTouch Single Lever Sink Mixer is the perfect fit for your kitchen or bathroom sink. This faucet requires just a soft touch to work.  You can turn it on or off by just getting it in contact with the back of your hand, elbow, forearm or even a finger. Washing your dirty hands has been made easier than ever with the F-iTouch Sink Mixer. What’s more, it is the most hygienic faucet out there as your dirty hands do not touch the surface of the tap and you can always keep it clean. This smart tap is easy to operate and is ideal for use by children. Say goodbye to leaky taps and take an oath to never waste water again by bringing home the F-iTouch Sink Mixer by Queo and redefine your hand washing experience.

7. Hidden Cistern

One thing common in all luxury bathrooms, big or small, is a hidden cistern. Choosing a hidden or concealed cistern over a regular cistern is the easiest way to add a dash of luxe to your bathroom area. As opposed to a normal big and bulky cistern which not only occupies a lot of space but is also not too pleasing to the eye, a concealed cistern is hardly noticeable and is the ideal option for a small bathroom space. Queo’s Zeta and Sisma range of concealed cisterns are absolute winners due to their sleek, minimalistic design and their germ suppressing functionality making them truly hygienic options for your bathroom.

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