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Born out of true love for opulence and beauty, Queo's European Bath Lounges are meticulously designed to reinvent what a luxurious bath space experience truly means.

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Our Story

Europe expresses and celebrates art like no other. It is the birthplace of modern aesthetics. Queo represents the best that European culture has offered to the world - the diligence, the detail and the intricacy, and the thinking behind it. Europe's rigorous tradition of sublime aesthetics and attention to indulgence has left its mark on Queo. Designed by geniuses seeped in modern European design philosophy, Queo is how you can leave an indelible mark of a continent and its rich history in your private space. No wonder we call them bath lounges and nothing less.



Water Closets have an important role to play in any bath ambience and the different collections of water closets with Queo don’t just offer matchless functionality, but provide exquisite joy to the senses as well. A wide range of materials and finishes elevate the luxurious appeal of these creations that draw inspiration form sources as diverse and unique as paintings, sculptures and modern art. Basins add convenience and utility to our everyday rituals and this convenience, when elevated to the level of art, becomes a sight to behold. The seamless shapes, the flowing outlines and a host of other features make Queo’s basins a joy to experience simply due to their sheer beauty and matchless appeal. Available in different aesthetic collections, these basins are a must have in any elite bath space.


Designed to enhance the understated opulence of any bath environment, the faucets by Queo bring together different shapes, artistic styles, materials and finishing, to make a masterpiece that delights the senses. Three unique series to choose from make the faucets more suited and inimitably personalised to your home’s décor and aesthetic vision.


Get ready to re-experience and rediscover the joys of bathing as the highly innovative showers by Queo reinvent the way water plays and interacts with your senses. Every moment spent in the rejuvenating presence of these showers will remind you of the unforgettable joys of splashing around and relaxing in different outpours of soothing rain.


The bathtubs by Queo that constitute to wellness are a lavish experience that help you wash away all the stress and worries. A sight to behold and crafted by some of the finest masters of ceramic from around the world, the bathtubs come stylised according distinctively unique aesthetic collections that give exquisite form to functionality.


Define your ultimate experience. Choose the Queo moodboards that resonate most with you and create an inspiring haven at home.

luxurious bathroom accessories

Arch. Sandeep Khosla brings our bath lounges to life

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luxurious bathroom accessories

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