Designer Bathroom Spaces!
31 Dec 2020

Designer Bathroom Spaces!

There is no doubt that the bathroom is considered to be the most functional, most extensively used and expensive room to build in the house.

There is no doubt that the bathroom is considered to be the most functional, most extensively used and expensive room to build in the house. After a long day of work or to start a day afresh, bathroom is the only space where a person spends time to feel cozy, relaxed and energetic. We all drool over the designer bathrooms that we see in the magazines and images on the web. Often we feel, that getting a luxe bathroom of our dreams is out of our league, which is absolutely not true, as we are here to shower upon you some great bathroom design ideas to spruce up your bathroom space to give you a luxurious feel without spending a fortune on your bathroom.

We have coined a few stylish bathroom design tips to make your bathroom appear extravagant.

1. Touchless water closets

Exquisite water closets make bathrooms look modern, luxurious and contemporary. Shun the idea of traditional closets. Embrace the new water closets in different shapes, colors, designs and features equipped with touchless technology by QUEO and highlight the bathtub by choosing the right place and lightings for it.

2. Golden Appeal

Brass and copper has become the main elements of luxurious bathrooms lately. Of course, you don’t need to replace all the fixtures with brass, but you can certainly choose some of the main elements that are mostly visible in your bathroom like mirror rims, or counter top wash basins, Chryseum collection rain shower, Shower panels and shower heads from QUEO to be given a touch of brass to make your bathroom look designer.

3. Counter top basins with Large Mirror

Do not underestimate the power of a larger mirror behind the wide countertop wash basins. It not only cuts your tile cost but also make your bathroom look large, vibrant and spacious. Luxurious countertop wash basin from QUEO are the central focus of your bathrooms. Why not highlight it more with large mirrors? A wall to wall mirror along with modern counter top basins will do the trick of making your bathroom look designer.

4. Choose statement lighting

Lightings play an important role in defining the feel of your bathroom. They can make your bathroom look vast and vibrant or dull and small. To give your bathroom a rich and designer feel, try swapping the ordinary lights with a piece of fixture that makes a stylish statement like a hanging chandelier or a pendant light over a free standing tub or in the middle of the bathroom.

5. Add a Place to Sit

If you happen to see the high-end bathrooms, you will notice that they all have a place to sit, be it a simple stool, or a carved vintage chair. Wood finish and soft upholstery adds a contrast and color to the smooth finishes of a luxurious bathroom. It not only makes your bathroom look expensive but also impose the feeling of grandeur.

If you think you have a bathroom that looks dull and small, and in need of repairs or updating then the QUEO’s range of luxury bathroom fittings can help you transform your bathroom into something stunning at a price that you can afford. At QUEO, every accessory is hand-crafted to set a benchmark of luxury and indulgence that is vital in the most widely used room of the house.

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