Luxury Bathroom Ideas 2020
12 Dec 2019

Luxury Bathroom Ideas 2020

Looking for Bathroom Makeover tips? Or designing a bathroom from scratch? Today, we are going to share some fantastic bathroom makeover and design ideas which can turn your ordinary bathroom into a luxurious one!

Looking for Bathroom Makeover tips? Or designing a bathroom from scratch?

Today, we are going to share some fantastic bathroom makeovers and design ideas which can turn your ordinary bathroom into a luxurious one!

Our ideas are focused on these topics.

A. Style
B. Type of Bathroom
C. Themes
D. Colour
E. Flooring
E. Bathroom Products
F. Latest Bathroom Technology

There are two basic things that you need to keep in mind before designing your bathroom:

1) The type of your house so that it is easy for you to decide the theme and style.
2) The amount of space you have in your bathroom.

What type of house do you have?

The first and most important thing is where you live. Is it a bungalow, a farmhouse or a simple flat? Your bathroom would have to match the type of house you live in.

Is it Bungalow?

If you have a bungalow, then you have ample space to build your bathroom. You can go ahead with a modern-style master bathroom. This way, you can use the available space effectively. Any theme in this type of bathroom would work because of enough space. Various colour schemes go well. You could go with a simple and basic palette like white or grey, or with something a little more vibrant like yellow, green or purple. If you want to make it look cosy and intimate, go for darker shades. If you are deciding upon a modern bathroom, technology is one thing you can implement in your bathroom for ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Is it a Farmhouse in the Woods?

A farmhouse is usually homey, warm and welcoming. Farmhouse bathroom items like old wood, mason jars, galvanised metal, and concrete give a cosy feeling to your bathroom. Wood is the most essential element along with natural stones.

You can pick a colour scheme which genuinely relaxes you. The bathroom vanity would highlight the beauty of the minimally finished wood. Warm wood, toned and soft, neutral patterned bathtubs will look really classy in the farmhouse.

Do you have an Apartment in the Metropolis?

A bathroom doesn’t have to be big to have great style and function. The very first thing that you need to do to decorate an apartment bathroom is to analyse the space you have. You have to make sure your bathroom does not look cluttered in any way. The usage of colours in the bathroom is essential. The most popular colour choice is blue in lighter shades. Glass and wood materials are used in smaller apartments to make them appear sophisticated.

Types of Bathrooms

The available space plays a vital role in deciding what kind of bathroom is perfect for your house. If you have ample space for a bathroom, you can definitely opt for a master bathroom. The master bathroom requires space as it is spread all over. The full bathroom requires less space than the master bathroom. The three-quarter bathroom is ideal if you have a small apartment. You just have to make full use of the space you have.

Master Bathroom

The master bathroom is luxurious and looks like a spa centre. It is generally connected to the master bedroom. It is suitable if you have a bungalow or massive space in your house as this type of bathroom requires a lot of space. The master bathroom usually has a double vanity with a double sink, bathtub, water closet and all other high-end products required in a bathroom.

Full Bathroom

The full bathroom is generally for the whole family. Full baths are practical and beautiful. In a full bathroom, the available space is utilised thoroughly. The full bathroom gives a spa-like feeling.

Basin, shower, water closet and bathtub are four essential must-haves in a full bathroom. If anyone of these things is missing, then it cannot be considered a full bathroom.

Three Quarter Bathroom

A three-quarter bathroom is smaller in size compared to a modern and full bathroom. The use of bold colours in decor makes the three-quarter bathroom look bigger and more appealing.

Now that we have considered the type of house and the amount of space available, here is how you can transform your bathroom into a luxurious haven.

1. Design your Bathroom According to these Styles

There are so many options available when it comes to the style of bathroom you can have. You have to choose a bathroom style that not only suits your style but also complements the decor of the rest of your house. If you are someone who loves minimalism, then the contemporary style is perfect for you. Modern-style bathrooms are ideal for people who are interested in technology, as contemporary bathroom products are created using the latest technology can be found. For someone who loves a vintage look, the traditional style works best.

a) Contemporary Bathroom
The ultimate goal of a contemporary bathroom is to look simple yet stylish.

Minimalism, clutter-free open spaces and soft, clean lines define a contemporary bathroom. The focus is on the little details for the ultimate sophisticated look. The colour theme is a perfect blend of neutral and bold colours.

b) Modern Bathroom
A modern bathroom is bold, simple, smart and requires a lot of space. Clean straight lines with basic colours like grey and white are a perfect example of a modern-style bathroom.

This bathroom is perfect for you if you have a bungalow. Choosing a modern-style bathroom can transform your dull and ugly bathroom into a relaxing and refreshing one.

c) Traditional Bathroom
The traditional bathroom is still as popular as it used to be. One advantage here is that you can either go for an entirely traditional look or you can introduce elements of the traditional bathroom in a contemporary style. In the traditional bathroom, there is significant use of metal like iron, copper and oil-rubbed bronze for lamps, faucets and accessories, and hence, it requires a lot of space.

Do any of these styles suits your bathroom needs? If not, we have more Ideas!

2. Consider These Theme-Based Designs!

You can select the theme of your bathroom, depending on your taste and your personality. If you crave for a tropical vacation more than anything else, you can go for a beach-themed bathroom. If you like elegance, then the vintage bathroom is best for you.

And if you look for respite amidst the chaos, then you could go for a nature-inspired bathroom theme where you can introduce greenery or replicate a mini forest.

a) Beach
If you’re a big fan of the beach, then you can bring a little of the beach to your home by adding a beach theme to your bathroom. Beach-style bathroom decor is perfect for your vacation home like your farmhouse. Sandy tones, browns, creams, shades of blues, greens and even purple-grey are the most commonly found colours in beach-themed bathrooms.

b) Vintage

If you’re someone who loves all things vintage, then going for the vintage bathroom is the right choice for you. The vintage theme is perfect if you have a bungalow, as it requires space. The traditional bathroom type will perfectly complement the vintage theme. Here, warm colours such as beige look really flattering. Classic white pastel shades add a sense of calmness to the bathroom. An elegant, freestanding bathtub is a focal point of a vintage bathroom.

c) Nature-inspired
A nature-inspired bathroom can be a great stress reliever. The natural green promotes a sense of well-being and relaxation. Earthy shades like browns, greens, blues, and beige go really well with natural-themed bathrooms.

The best thing you can do to add nature’s touch to your bathroom is to arrange for a lot of natural light to enter. You can also place some plants in the corners to introduce an air of calmness.

After you are sure about the style or theme you are going for in your bathroom, the next step is to select the perfect colour scheme for your bathroom. The colour of your bathroom depends upon the style or theme you are going for.

Next up, we will help you to select the perfect colour for your bathroom based on your theme and style.

3. What Color Best Suits Your Bathroom?

The choice of colours for a bathroom can influence the way our bathroom finally turns out, so pick your colours very wisely. You can coordinate your colour choices with the style or theme that you have chosen for your bathroom. The colours need to work well with bathroom furniture, fittings and accessories that you are planning to include in your final design.

Here are some colour schemes that you can go with for your luxury bathroom:

a) Grey
Grey is one of those colours, which goes well with every decor if used the right way. The Grey colour gives an elegant and stylish look to your bathroom and makes it look sophisticated. If you are looking to add minimalistic decor to your bathroom, the grey colour is the perfect option for you. Also, it goes perfectly with all neutral shades like beige and navy blue. It is the best colour choice for a contemporary and modern bathroom.

b) Black and white

Black and white is a timeless combination. A black and white colour theme goes well with both traditional and modern bathrooms. This classic combination looks impressive, elegant and trendy and makes the bathroom look defined, sleek and simple.

c) Golden
Gold is one colour that gives a luxurious feel to any area where it is being added. Gold enhances the spacious look of a place. It is perfectly suitable for a traditional bathroom. Accessories with a slightly warmer tone go well with a golden bathroom. Now that you are sure about the colour you are going for, it’s time to select the right flooring that will perfectly complement the colour choice.

4. What Type of Flooring Should You Go With?

Flooring is yet another essential feature of bath space. It can make or break the look and feel of any bathroom. Ideally, you can select the flooring first and then work your way towards designing the rest of the space. You can choose from options like ceramic tile flooring, marble flooring or even stone flooring for a natural look.

a) Ceramic Flooring:
Ceramic tile flooring remains one of the most versatile flooring options for the bathroom. Ceramic tiles are water-resistant, durable and easy to maintain. There are various types and styles available that will fit your bathroom decor. These tiles are one of the most popular types of tiles.

b) Stone Flooring:
Natural stone is one of the most luxurious floorings for your bathroom. Marble, granite, and limestone are some stone flooring options you can choose from. The elegance of stone cannot be matched. If you want flooring that offers elegance, richness and beauty, natural stone flooring should be there on your list.

c) Marble Flooring:
Marble is known for its elegance and for adding a sense of royalty to space. Classic and elegant, marble is always the right choice if you wish to make a style statement. It keeps the space look minimal and clean. Marble is the perfect option for contemporary design lovers.

No matter how much you focus on colour, style, theme and flooring, in the end, Bathroom products make a huge difference. The use of stylish bathroom products is the easiest way you can change the entire impression of your bathroom. Below are a few options available in terms of bathroom products that can have a significant impact on the overall look of your bathroom.

5. Use of Classy Bathroom Products

While designing your luxury bathroom, you must ensure that the products you choose to install are only the best and nothing less than that. Stylish and unique showers, water closets, and basins that match the bathroom style, theme and colour would make the place look just perfect.

Below are some bathroom products that you must include in your bathroom to make it look more luxurious:


A shower is one of the most attractive elements in your bathroom. There are different types of showers available like concealed showers, rainfall showers, body sprays and cascade showers.

Concealed Shower

A concealed shower is perfect for a contemporary bathroom. It is not easily visible in the decor and is perfect for a minimal bathroom. This concealed shower is mounted on the ceiling of the bathroom. The LED lights can be programmed to change colours at set time intervals.

Rain Bath

The current bathroom trend is to add elements in your bathroom that let you get closer to nature, and the Rain Shower does precisely that. A Rain Shower is an excellent way of experiencing the soothing feeling of standing in the rain while you are taking a bath at home. It looks perfect in a modern contemporary bathroom setting.

Body Spray

A Body shower is a great way to relax and enjoy your bath. It is the right product for a complete body shower. When you walk into the shower, water is sprayed on your body from different directions. Body Sprays usually come with different types of settings. The three common variations are normal, massage and mist.

Waterfall shower

A Waterfall shower or Cascade shower is not common, but it is gaining a lot of popularity these days. A heavy rush of waterfalls from the shelf-like showerhead over your body. This type of shower is perfect for someone who loves nature.

Wash Basin
A washbasin is a small but integral part of the bathroom. We use it several times a day, so it is imperative that the basin is not only suitable for decor but also functional and perfect for regular use. There are several types of basins available.

Modern bathroom basin
This is one of the most trending wash basin designs. This type of basin can be custom-made according to your bathroom design and your need. These are made with an artistic touch which is the reason they are unique and gorgeous.

Over-the-counter basin
Over-the-counter basins are generally placed above the vanity counter. These bathroom basins are mostly made up of ceramic or marble to give a classic and luxurious look to your bathroom space.

Under the counter basin
Under the counter is one of the most minimalist and stylish basins. They are inserted under the vanity counters or are a part of the same. Under the counter is a type of basin that goes well with a modern and contemporary bathroom. The platform is necessary for this type of basin.

Wall hung basin
Wall-hung is the most common type of basin. It is the right choice if you have a small space and you are looking for a basin that will fulfil all your needs. This type of basin is the best for the three-quarter bathroom as it ensures that you have more open space for storage purposes.

Washbasins with pedestal
The pedestal washbasin is a classic type of basin. The space around the unit should also be taken into consideration when choosing the basin. A washbasin with a pedestal is more prominent and is perfect for you if you have a bigger bathroom with not much need for added storage areas.

3. Water Closets

While deciding upon all the stylish and luxurious products for your bathroom, one thing you should always consider is comfort and ease of use.

A water closet is one of those things that we use a lot, which is why the design needs to be comfortable and compatible with your bathroom decor. Surprisingly, there are many options available in terms of the design and style of a water closet.

Wall-mounted water closet
A wall-mounted water closet is small and is generally used along with a concealed cistern. These work well if you have limited space in your bathroom. This type of water closet looks classic and works well with contemporary and modern style three-quarter bathrooms.

One-piece water closet
A one-piece water closet simply means the tank is not separated. The tank is connected to the body of the water closet. The clear advantage of this water closet is that the size of the water tank is small, so it helps in saving space. These water closets look stylish and add a modern touch to your bath space.

Two-piece water closet
The two-piece water closet is one of the most common types of water closets. This is exactly opposite to the one-piece as the water closet tank and the body of the water closet are separated. Durability and simplicity are the advantages of two-piece water closets.

3. Bathtubs

The bathtub is a centrepiece of any luxury bathroom. In every room, there is one piece of furniture that is the focal point of that room. In a luxury bathroom, the bathtub is that element. The main reason behind this could be the bathing experience provided by the same. Bathtubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and in a variety of designs that will complement your bathroom decor.

They are available in different materials like granite, stone and Carrara marble. But, Stone bathtubs are luxurious and have a sophisticated design that usually captures the beauty and uniqueness of the material.

Bathtubs usually require a lot of space due to their size, so they are more suitable for large bathrooms. They look the best in a traditional or modern bathroom setting.

As we know, luxury defines the ultimate relaxation. Then what is better than the use of technology in the bathroom? Here are some of the latest bathroom trends.

6. Latest Bathroom Trends

With many of us looking at our bathrooms as a place to relax and unwind, introducing the most recent technology would help to provide ultimate satisfaction and convenience. If your goal is to create a luxurious and high-end bathroom, using technology is one good way to achieve it.

Voice-activated bathroom

Voice search is the latest trend in technology. Voice control has a significant impact on home decor, and now it is impacting bathroom technology as well. A voice-activated bathroom shower will help you accomplish tasks just with your voice; such as adjusting lighting, playing your favourite music, etc.

Remote Control Shower

Showers have also become more luxurious than ever before as they now come with remote controls. A Smartap remote control allows you to control temperature, flow, waterfall mode etc.

Showerheads also come with Bluetooth speaker systems such as the La Musique Bluetooth speaker. This can fit in your shower head, and it allows you to listen to music for up to seven hours without charging.

High-tech Toilet
How can you improve some of the more private moments of your life? Gone are those days of using toilet paper and wasting water in the toilet. The latest technology in water closets requires no need for your hands and ensures no wastage either. These high-tech water closets are controlled remotely. You can use the remote control to choose from different functions instead of using the mainframe button on the side of the water closet.

Whether you are planning to make small changes in your bathroom or completely revamp your bathroom, these ideas will help you do both.

We would appreciate it if you share your thoughts on the ideas mentioned above. Let us know in the comments sections the ideas which you like the most. If you have used any of these ideas for your bathrooms, share your experience!

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