Modern Bathrooms with Tech Products
06 Jan 2021

Modern Bathrooms with Tech Products

We live in the world of technology. It seems that technology has taken over our lives. Technology has left no field unexplored in touching our lives, be it, office gadgets

We live in the world of technology. It seems that technology has taken over our lives. Technology has left no field unexplored in touching our lives, be it, office gadgets, or commercial and home appliances, people are in awe with the efficiency, speed and ease of work that the technology has bestowed on us. With tech-savvy products being present all around us, how can the bathroom be left behind? Hi-tech bathroom products come as no surprise to give your bathroom an aesthetic appeal and contemporary minimal look.

With these modern hi-tech bathroom products, your bathroom can surely be turned into a gadget haven. The millennial look for homes with smart innovations. They want everything that saves time and operates on its own. The automation in one of the most used rooms of your home, bathrooms, was a necessity considering the hygiene and cleanliness needed in the Covid era. From sensor taps to hi-tech toilets, these modern bathroom products will leave you and awe and make your time spent in the bathroom more enjoyable.

1. Electronic Water Closet

QUEO’s F-Automode Automated electronic water closet comes with unparalleled technology designed for modern bathrooms with tech products. It is a masterpiece, a mixture of art and technology with one touch rear cleansing, adjustable water direction, pressure, temperature, oscillating function, sensor seat cover, heated seat, motion sensors to raise and lower toiler lids, self-cleaning technology, etc. It is specially designed to be operated by remote control.

2. Smart Taps

People have the habit of keeping the tap water running while brushing teeth and washing faces. This leads to sheer wastage of water. Technology is invented to not only make the products look aesthetic and sleek, but, also make them functional and energy-saving. QUEO Smart taps for showers are one such product that is designed for modern bathrooms not only for the convenience and luxury, but also to save water and make environment more friendly. Smart taps are equipped with thermostatic controls to regulate the temperature and flow of water to ensure less water wastage.

3. Soaking Tubs

Gone are the times where people used to enjoy mammoth Jacuzzis and giant bath tubs filled with water and water jets massaging them. Innovators have found a solution to it keeping in mind less wastage of water and sleek designs and curated a new version of soaking tubs. The new soaking tubs are equipped with unique features to give them a new definition. They are stand-alone tubs having no surround shower, they are sleek and modern with small faucets, they have warm air massaging jets to give you a feeling of hot springs, and are equipped with mood enhancing lights.

4. LCD Shower Panels

These panels let you control the water flow, water temperature, music and lights with just a single touch.

5. Refrigerated Bathroom Cabinets

They are specially designed to store the medicines and keep your beverages cold while you enjoy them having a hot bath.

5. Waterproof TV

How can you not watch your favorite show while relaxing in a hot water tub? These TVs are designed to withstand the steam and water splashes and provide you complete entertainment for ultimate relaxation.

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