Everything you need to know about European Water Closet
04 Feb 2021

Everything you need to know about European Water Closet

Your bathroom consist of not only closed walls but many fixtures and fittings called sanitary ware. Sanitary ware is a wide term that covers many components of the bathroom.

Your bathroom consist of not only closed walls but many fixtures and fittings called sanitary ware. Sanitary ware is a wide term that covers many components of the bathroom. The increasing living standards of Indians demand for high quality, sleek and contemporary sanitary ware. Sanitary ware manufacturers and designers have come forth with latest technologies and newest designs to satisfy the needs of the customers. World-class technology, modern look, sleek design, easy installation, low maintenance and convenient usage are the current requirement criteria of the modern sanitary ware.

1. Water Closet – The most important sanitary ware

Designers keep in mind the comfort, look and functionality of the bathroom while designing. Out of the many fixtures, the most important and the most used component is the water closet. Water closets have witnessed a longest history and changes over the time amongst all the bathroom fixtures. People have innovated and changed the look of this sanitary ware according to their needs, customs, ethnicities, etc. Water closets come in various designs including Indian, Western and European models. The most popular among them today is the European Water Closet. European closets have gained popularity due to its various merits and are considered the best way to maximize space, improve style statement, and add to the bathroom décor. People are shifting more towards and adapting to European water closets due to their safety and ease of use.

European Water Closets come in different styles, shapes and models according to their flushing system. Let’s discuss how will you determine which type of European closet is best suited for you?

2. How to determine the type of European Closet?

While looking for the right toilet for your bathroom, style, size and technology, all play an equally important role. Also, a perfect toilet for one bathroom may not be perfect for another one. We’ve coined some points to consider while looking for the perfect European closet for your bathroom.

3. Size and Shape

The first thing to keep in mind while choosing a water closet is the size of your bathroom. Keep in mind the amount of space the water closet will take up in your bathroom. Each European water closet model comes with slight variations in the dimensions. Water closets come in three basic bowl shapes: elongated, round and compact. Elongated models are widely used and considered perfect for average or huge bathrooms while round models fit in perfectly in the tight spaces. The elongated toilet can measure up to 31” from the wall and the round toilet is usually not more than 28” from the wall.

4. Wall-Mounted or Free-Standing

Next comes the decision to choose between one-piece toilet, two-piece toilet and wall-mounted toilet. The classic two-piece toilet with separate flushing system is the traditional type of toilet which was replaced by the modern one-piece toilet that integrates the flushing tank and the bowl into a single seamless design for easy cleaning and compact look. The latest design which is the most popular is the wall-mounted toilets like Queo’s range of European Water Closets that come in the sleek and minimalistic look and occupies much lesser space in your bathroom. They come in either tankless design or the tank is hidden behind the wall.

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