Renovation of Bathroom with Luxury Bathroom Products
06 Sep 2021

Renovation of Bathroom with Luxury Bathroom Products

The bathroom is rightly said to be the restroom. It ideally should be the space where you can unwind and get refreshed up to face life with a new zeal.

The bathroom is rightly said to be the restroom. It ideally should be the space where you can unwind and get refreshed up to face life with a new zeal.

It is for this reason that bathrooms are slowly turning into home spas and luxury bathroom is something that is most coveted in contemporary times. Now, if your existing décor does not cater to the space that gives you the luxe and relaxed feel, then renovating your bathroom becomes imperative.

Not necessary that you have to dig a hole in your pocket to give your washroom a luxurious look.

Queo’s range of innovative items is enough to give you a classy bathroom without you breaking the bank. Just installing small products like water closets, basins, showerheads can boost the look and feel of your restrooms.

Here are some of the products of luxury bathrooms that will help you to give your bathroom a whole new look that you always desired.

  Soaking Tubs Remember those huge Jacuzzis and giant bathtubs filled with water and jets? Well, we have come a long way since then. Modern-day technology and  innovations have found a solution that will limit the mindless wastage of water and also enable a sleek design to cater to the new-age taste and sensibilities. The new-age tubs come with various features to provide customized  solutions to your needs. Apart from an exceptionally sleek design, these tubs are stand-alone types that come with small faucets and are equipped with mood-enhancing lights and warm air massaging jets for the feeling of hot  springs.


  Water Closet Now a luxurious bathroom can never be complete without a plush water closet. You can check out Queo’s new “F”  wall-mounted water closet  collection with seat covers. Here you will get closets that are intricately designed to gift you a lavish experience through minimalism. Apart from some superior automated features, these water closets also pay special  attention to hygiene and comfort which will help you achieve the luxury bathroom of your dreams.


  Freestanding Basins If you want to design a luxury bathroom that says opulence and luxury then its central focus must be on a premium  basin that stands out. When you opt  for the right freestanding basin, it brings about a premium feel to the space and also makes it look larger. This is especially for those bathrooms that come with large windows and high ceilings. You can try QUEO’s   F-Courbe basin  to bring about a classic feel in your restroom.


  Shower Heads A refreshing shower is the best way to relax and without it, no luxury bathroom will be complete. We bring to you a huge variety of shower heads  that truly add the desired extravagance to your daily shower experience. Select from a plethora of choices ranging from musical showers, multidirectional showers,  rain showers  and more. You can now just have customized showers for yourself by managing the direction, temperature and coverage area and water flow.


These are some of the luxe products that will help you create the luxury bathrooms of your choice. You can take a look at our exclusive collection that is curated especially to match customized bathroom settings to suit your needs.

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