Modern Urinoirs
16 Feb 2021

Modern Urinoirs

Despite being a necessity, Urinoirs are the most ignored element of the bathroom. In fact, urinoirs are one of the integral items representing a washroom.

Despite being a necessity, Urinoirs are the most ignored element of the bathroom. In fact, urinoirs are one of the integral items representing a washroom. It is a basic necessity in a commercial space, offices, warehouses and factories, malls, cafes, restaurants, schools or community halls. Urinoirs are an ideal way to save on space and increase the toilet facilities.

In this expert guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about modern urinals, what to look out for when buying and which accessories you may need.

What is a urinal/urinoir?

It is a basic form of toilet in the Western countries used by men. It allows men to remain standing while urination. Urinals come in many forms, from the most basic to more sophisticated modern urinal designs made from ceramic or metal, complete with flushing mechanisms.

They are widely seen in commercial and public toilets where the flow of people is more and several urinals are to be fitted in a small space.

Modern Urinoir

A lot has evolved in the washroom with the advent of new technology. Two such technologies that has changed the face of public washrooms are modern urinoirs.

  • Sensor Urinals
  • Waterless Urinals

1. Sensor Urinals

Sensor urinals or automatic urinals have an equipment which facilitates automatic flushing of the urinals for better hygiene and maintenance. It comes with an infrared sensor that senses when someone is standing in front of the urinal. As soon as the sensor detects that a person has moved away, it activates the automatic flushing system. Sensor urinals save water wastage, they are easy to use and clean, and they are more hygienic than traditional urinals. Also, they have a long life span as they are hands-free so there is less wear and tear.

The classic pieces of sensor urinals by Queo are designed to provide ultra-hygienic and germ-free experience. The sleek surface of these sophisticated urinoirs doesn’t let grime hold its surface, so the remnants flow easily along with the water.

2. Waterless Urinals

Waterless urinals come with a replaceable cartridge that can be changed around every 4 to 6 months. These cartridges contain fragrant rings that help to reduce the foul smell. Waterless urinals are a great way of saving approximately 87,000 litres of water in a year. They consume less energy as no cistern or water inlet is required and improve the eco credentials of the business.


Advantages of urinals over traditional toilets?
Here are a good few reasons that make urinals the best option for commercial men’s toilet.

Space Savers
May units of urinals can be fitted in line as a standard toilet cubicle divided by a partition. This saves the space.

They are quick and easy to use and maintain especially in the high traffic areas like malls, offices, commercial premises, etc.

Urinals come without doors or seats to handle. As a result, they are more hygienic than toilet cubicles and can be easily cleaned. Also, it takes lesser time for a user to relieve himself while using a urinal.

The use of water in the urinals is less than the traditional toilets. Also, you have an option to buy waterless urinals.

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