Amazing Shower Designs For Your Luxury Bathroom
21 Feb 2020

Amazing Shower Designs For Your Luxury Bathroom

While you may have no problems in ideating how your living room or bedroom’s layout will be, it becomes rather problematic to design utilitarian spaces like the kitchen or bathroom.

While you may have no problems ideating how your living room or bedroom’s layout will be, it becomes rather problematic to design utilitarian spaces like the kitchen or bathroom. Not everyone wants to invest in setting up a stylish bathroom, but to be honest, a good washroom depicts the homeowner’s taste. Plus, there are many ways in which you can set up a stylish washroom without exceeding your budget. With the correct design approach, you can devise cost-effective methods to spruce up your rather humble-looking bathroom.

There is nothing better than a warm shower after a long day of toil. If your bathroom space is nicely designed, you can spend some quality alone time, relaxing under a warm shower. For this, your shower certainly requires an update. No need to be confused, this shower guide will explain to you the latest shower technology so that you can install a modern shower and upgrade your bathroom.

1. Shower enclosures:

We all have been fascinated by the shower enclosures often shown in television advertisements. The windowpane design gives this bathroom a classic twist. Install a laying down shower head inside to enjoy a comfortable bath. Designed for kings and queens, these let out a gust of water that covers the entire length of the body. It is very classy, and functional.

2. Cubicle showers with body jets:

Want to experience luxury in your own home? Then these body jet smart showers will be the ideal addition to your cubicle bathroom. A solid combination of form and function, this shower is designed to provide thorough cleaning to your entire body. It makes sure that your entire body is cleansed of dirt or leftover soap, plus it thoroughly cleanses the hair of any dirt, shampoo, and other products. These come with an adjustable pressure system, and therefore, the water pressure can be set at your convenience.

3. The rainfall shower:

Are you a fan of rainfall? Do you love to get wet in the rain? If that is the case, then you must invest in a cool rainfall shower, to feel a faux rain every day! It looks like rain and gently pours down over the body. The drops are very comforting and this option is ideal for open showers. A rain shower head is simple to install and will make you want to rush home and take a comfortable shower daily.

4. A cylindrical shower enclosure:

Haven’t we all walked into an opulent bathroom and dropped our jaws after seeing the luxurious layout of the place? Even the thought of walking into a beautiful bathroom with smart showers for a warm bath is so relaxing. A small rainfall showerhead is perfect for those who have a smaller bathroom space. Having two such shower heads can enhance your bathing experience as you can switch between them, or use both of them at the same time. If you want to add an extra touch of elegance to the space, then make sure to paint it white and install white tiles with gold metallic accents to make sure that the space looks as resplendent as possible.

5. The transcendent shower:

Do you want the best of all worlds? If your answer is yes, then this shower layout will be ideal for you. Placing different kinds of showerheads in the same bathroom and integrating them in a smart way will certainly add pizzazz to your bathroom space. A wall-mounted showerhead, a rainfall showerhead, and body shower jets together make an incredible combination. Even if you spend all your time battling pollution and dirt throughout your day, this shower set will clean your body and your senses.

6. The computerized shower:

A favorite among tech geeks, this shower is a must-have, if technology is your first love. This kind of showerhead has 6 separate zones. Designed to accurately target different body parts, this showerhead will be perfect for the head, torso, lower torso, and lower leg. Each shower can be completely controlled; the temperature, and pressure; everything can be customized as per your preference. While this entire setup is not cheap, it is an investment of a lifetime!

7. The futuristic shower:

If you love all things contemporary, then this shower will be ideal for you. With amazing features like LED lights, stainless steel designs, and glass doors, this shower looks like it has been designed to be way ahead of its time! The lighting effect can be mesmerizing when you start taking a shower. The cool gadgets will certainly enhance your bathing experience, so much so, that you will want to take multiple showers in a day.

8. The rustic shower:

From modern to ancient, let’s roll back in time. Are you a fan of the old rustic charm? Then you can convert your bathroom into a beautiful cave. An excellent place to retreat to after a long day of hard work, this kind of bathroom will certainly draw the attention of your guests. The waterfall-style shower is functional and stylish. The high pressure of the showerhead will certainly make one feel invigorated after every shower.

9. The minimalist shower:

As the name suggests, this shower is perfect for every minimalist out there. This can be integrated into a living space, so it is perfect for an upscale studio apartment. These modern shower designs will be much loved by your guests. Placing a massive, rectangular, rainfall showerhead will be the perfect addition to this kind of bathroom space. If you want to amplify the bathroom a little bit, then mood lights will take it a notch higher.

10. The Japanese shower garden:

If you have space, then having a Japanese garden shower will incredibly enhance your shower experience. You can add some greenery to make the place look beautiful. Apart from that, it looks very artsy and right out of a 19th-century history book. A wall-mounted large showerhead or a fountain showerhead will be ideal to make your bathing experience a dream! You can also add a rustic bathtub to make the space look stylish.

11. The Bathtub and elegant shower head combo:

This is a rather simple combination, but luxurious nonetheless. Who said luxury always has to be ostentatious? A standalone, stainless steel rectangular showerhead with a beautiful bathtub for the company will make sore an excellent combination for those who do not want to put in a lot of effort in setting up their bathroom space.

We all want to incorporate smart showers, and modern shower designs in our homes, and all of that can become a reality when you invest in the right pieces. The allure of an opulent bath space is a huge factor, but as a consumer, you must ensure that you combine functionality with style whenever you are selecting showerheads and other ornamental pieces for your bathroom space.

Be practical with your choices and do not get carried away. The aforementioned breathtaking bathroom designs will definitely be an inspiration for those who want to give a luxurious makeover to their bath spaces.

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