Hidden is Good When it Comes to Bathrooms

During the course of construction of a house, we make sure that the bricks along with other materials that make up a wall are hidden by a layer of paint. Electrical wires are made sure to be neatly arranged and covered with proper coverings. Lately, we have started hiding our lights and fans beneath false ceilings, why then do we ignore our bathrooms?
If your bathroom still displays the things that are better kept away from sight, your bathroom desperately needs a makeover.
Just like the working of our body is concealed beneath the layer of our skin, when it peels off (ouch!), we immediately run to get it covered up. You need to rush to get some pieces of equipment in your bathroom immediately covered up because some things are best kept hidden. Following are some of the alternatives that you could go for, customized for you only by Queo.

Wall Mounted Water Closet

Queo offers you luxury along with a hint of sophistication. It helps you enjoy all the best features without the hassle. You get to keep all the good things and the workings are hidden, kept beyond sight.
A wall mounted water closet spells out luxury like no other. It serves its purpose better than all its counterparts but doesn’t let it show. It is just the perfect addition to your perfect bathroom.


Hidden Cistern

Queo also brings to you an excellent range of hidden cisterns so you lead your way to hygiene in style. A loaded, heavy looking machinery installed in the bathroom adds up to the weight and takes away the relaxation part from the bathroom. If one wants to relax and unwind in a bath space, hidden installations like the hidden cistern by Queo is the perfect addition.


Wall Mounted Basin Mixer

Gone are the days of installing basin mixers with all the connectors and pipes visible. More than not looking visually attractive, that set up was more unhygienic in many ways. With Queo, you need not worry about living with the old technology. You can get a wall mounted basin mixer to take away all your worries and you can make your bathroom look way more attractive than it ever was.


Roof Mounted Shower

Showers act as the most attractive pieces of a bathroom. A good shower can instantly light up and add up the entire look and the feel of a bathroom while a visibly unattractive shower can also take away the sheen of a rather good bath space. To let go of this problem, Queo gets you roof mounted showers so you only get to enjoy a good bath and you can be kept away from the hassle that comes along with the external shower heads.


So, these are a few alternatives that you can go for instead of opting for installments that are entirely external because workings are better concealed, but the functionality, satisfaction and the results are not going to be concealed for sure!

Different Shower Options for Experiential Bathing

When looking for shower options, one must look for the one that offers the most customization options so that the experience derived could truly be a personalized one. A shower is a very personal activity and it must be designed in a way that it suits the needs and requirements of an individual. While some people enjoy refreshing cold showers, others like to relax in warm showers. Some might like full flow jet showers while others might be into mist showers.

Queo offers a variety of showers to choose from. You now possess the liberty to alter your bathing experience as per your individual needs. You can enjoy a customized, tailor-made bath experience made to perfectly complement your preferences.
Listed below are a few options that Queo offers in order to make your luxury bathroom the perfect bathroom for you.

Wall Showers

Relive your childhood fantasies with Queo’s amazing range of wall showers. Feel like you’re bathing in a water park and get refreshed and rejuvenated after every bath. Experience the varied water flow varieties available including body jet flow, mist/ hand shower flow and more. Customize the shower according to your personal needs, set the water flow and the temperature to your liking and you’re all set to get into the most relaxing showering experience.



A waterfall is one amazing natural phenomenon that has a refreshing impact. Who doesn’t fantasize bathing in a waterfall every day? Sounds like it is too good to be true? Well, not anymore! Queo brings you a great range of waterfall showers so you can enjoy an exotic bathing experience every day of the week.
But that’s not it, there’s more. You can enjoy a waterfall in all its diversity. You can access a cascade waterfall right in the comfort of your home, it is bound to be a therapeutic experience. You can further customize the experience by controlling the amount of water pouring out of each nozzle along with the style of water flow. You can further your personalization experience by possessing control over the exact temperature of the water falling over the surface of your body.


Overhead Showers

Bathing in the rain is one joy that everyone deserves. The thrill that we feel when the raindrops seep into our senses and tingle the soul and the amazing feeling that soothes the senses is what one wishes to come back home to and Queo has made this fantasy come true with its exquisite range of overhead showers.
You can now come back home to enjoy a rain shower every day. Equipped with the rain function flow, showers by Queo let you discover luxury bathing in an altogether new light.


What to Choose When You Are Thinking of Remodelling Your Bespoke Bathroom

The look of a bathroom should ideally reflect the personality and the desires of the owner. The essential character of the bathroom should be designed in a way that it exhibits all the qualities that make the owner feel at ease and switch to a peaceful and a positive frame of mind.

Remodelling one’s bathroom can mean remodelling one’s rejuvenation experience. It can mean reshaping one’s relaxation routine and rediscovering calmness in an altogether new way. If you’re thinking of remodelling your bespoke bathroom, here are a few products you can incorporate in your remodelling design that will help you achieve that perfect bathroom you have always dreamt of!


A good faucet can instantly add up to that oomph factor to your bath space. The sleek design, the sheen of the polished metal, the glamorous appeal, a faucet, as little as it may appear to make an impact, can truly work wonders with your design idea. You can explore a range of quality faucets by Queo that are bound to lend a dimension to the entire look of your bathroom.



If you’re looking for a centrepiece for your bathroom, or you’re looking forward to adding that extra edge to your bath space, an attractive basin is just the right product to invest in.
Queo offers an amazing range of basins including minimalistic styles, floral patterns and more to make your bathroom countertop absolutely perfect.


Water Closets

The very definition of a good bathroom counts for a good water closet. We are amidst great technological advancements, why then should our bathrooms be left behind? Queo offers water closets equipped with the latest technology to completely transform the way you use the toilet. The water closets boast of some amazing automated features with special attention to comfort and hygiene which will make you rediscover luxury in a completely new form.

water closet


What better way to relax and unwind than a refreshing shower? Queo brings to you a range of shower heads, loaded with some super features that can make your showering experience a truly luxurious one.
Choose from distinctly featured shower heads including ceiling rain showers, musical showers, multi-directional showers and more. You now hold the liberty to customize the way you shower by managing the temperature, direction, water flow, coverage area and the like. So get ready to drizzle dance your way to joy.


Speciality Features

Queo lets you indulge in style. With a range of absolutely amazing products, Queo aims to transform your bathroom experience and to help you get the bathroom of your dreams. Some super products have been included on the list. You can choose from a range of palettes so as to acquire a certain uniformity in your bathroom.

A good bathroom is also the one that is very personalized and adds up to the comfort of the user. While remodelling, you may take into consideration the feel that you seek out of your bathroom as well as certain features and products that you would like to incorporate. This would help you make your bathroom more efficient and most importantly, a reflection of your aura.

How to Design a Truly Luxurious Bathroom

Bathrooms are spaces where we rejuvenate, revive and renew ourselves before beginning a new day of our life. These spaces and the first experience we have in the day, determine and dictate how the rest of our day is going to be like. Considering the essential role that bathrooms play in determining our mood for the day and defining our overall quality of life, these spaces must then be every bit perfect.
Here are some of the points to consider when one intends on designing a truly luxurious bathroom.


The most important factor that comes into play while designing bathroom spaces, or for that matter, any spaces is the amount of comfort you experience in that place. As bathrooms are our places to relax and unwind, being comfortable is the first and foremost thing to consider. One must begin with listing out elements that make us feel comfortable, try to incorporate them into the layout. Taking that as a guideline, the rest of the things can be added in. This way, one can begin the process of designing a truly luxurious bathroom.


Style and Design

After the area of comfort is taken into consideration and the basic elements that lend a comfortable feel to the space have been listed out, they then need to be incorporated well into the style and design. One must look out for options for styling and designing of the bathroom based on personal preferences. Playing around with textures, fabrics, and materials can be a lot of fun especially when it ends up with you possessing a bathroom you can truly be proud of.

Choosing the Right Products

The quality of products used in a bathroom can essentially make or break the look and the feel of the space. You can instantly level up your style quotient by adding products with the latest technological advancements in your bathroom. Queo’s range of bath ware and bathroom products becomes the absolute essentials and the ideal products to help you revamp your bathroom and turn your everyday bath routine into a truly luxurious experience.

All About Experience

When designing a luxurious bath space, one must put out experience as the final destination and design a path that leads to it. A comfortable and a luxurious bathroom is not the one that is just a cluster of products. It is rather, a well-defined, well-styled space that has been designed by taking your needs into consideration and the one that delivers you an amazing, rejuvenating bath time.


Personalization is the key to getting the most out of your bathroom. Your bathroom must be designed in a way that it reflects your personality and soothes your soul when you walk into it. Queo makes personalization easier than ever before. For instance, a music enthusiast can opt for the La Musique shower head, a person who loves nature and all things natural can opt for a showerhead that delivers the experience of bathing in a tropical rainforest.

So, put on your thinking caps, get creative and design a space that would refresh you and get you started for the day in absolutely positive spirits!

Sneak Peek into the Future of Luxury Bathrooms


There was a time when people walked into a bathroom, covered in sweat and dirt, hoping to wash away the residue of the day and walk out squeaky clean. This was when work involved physical labour and toil. Switching to the present day, when we walk into our homes, tired after a long day in the office, we get into the shower not necessarily to wipe off the physical residue on our bodies but mental stress and tension. More than cleansing our bodies, we need an internal cleansing, a purification of the soul.
As the expectations out of a bathroom are drifting away from a traditional view, technology comes to the rescue. Smart Tap by Queo brings to us all that we need for our modern, luxurious bathroom. Another distinguishing feature is that the Smart Tap, with its intricate and intelligent use of technology, takes us one step closer to peace and serenity by attempting to recreate the joys of nature at the comfort of our homes.

Smart Tap

The product offers unmatched experience through its unique features and lets you dive deep into luxury with excellent use of the technology and systems.

Personalised Indulgence
You can now personalise your entire bathing experience as per your personal requirements. Right from the temperature of the water, to the number of outlets to the intensity and the direction of the water, even the wetness of the mist can be controlled. After all, personal preferences deliver the best comfort.

Luxury at your fingertips
Luxury is now accessible like never before. The experience can simply be monitored by a smartphone app, significantly increasing the usability quotient. The digital step-by-step procedures guide you through the customization process with absolute ease.

Ease of Access
A user-friendly operating system ensures that your experience remains truly relaxing. The voice command feature using amazon echo lends you the freedom to operate even without a touch.

Supreme Safety
The smart tap has something in store for everyone. It can identify bathing patterns and send warning signals if there is a deviation from these patterns, ensuring the safety of seniors and kids like. Now, that is one feature that truly deserves to be called smart.

Let technology connect you to a serene side that you are yet to discover, let it leap into your bathroom and create moments of absolute bliss. When it is all turning just a click away, your bathroom deserves to be future ready too!

Technology at the Heart of Luxurious Bathroom Masterpieces

While technology seems to be spreading over, engulfing all aspects of our lives into it, why should our bathrooms be devoid of the luxury it brings along? The world seems to be undergoing a technical revolution where we are constantly experiencing massive shifts in nearly all aspects around us. Bath spaces, in this entire revolution, are not left behind for they are moulding into revitalizing experiences. Traditional bathrooms that focused on the physical aspects of cleansing are moving towards an overall cleansing and refreshment of the mind, body and soul. In a world where mental well-being is the need of the situation, these products enable you to move one step closer to peace.
So dive right into indulgence, your body deserves rejuvenation at its best. These products are designed with an artistic vision and imaginative use of technology that translates luxury in a way your body can decipher it well.

La Musique

La Musique Showerhead Speaker

Let your pours soak in music along with every droplet of water that lands on the surface of your body. La Musique is a rain shower head with an inbuilt speaker system that lets you groove to your playlist while you shower. The Bluetooth enabled showerhead lends you the freedom to connect it with a wide range of devices so your experience remains unmatched. The speaker also enables you to take calls and comes with an inbuilt dual microphone noise reduction feature that lets the person on the other side hear you better. La Musique comes across as a revolution, combining music and bathing, both modes of rejuvenation, making it a one of a kind experience. Feel your skin and soul sparkle at the end of your shower, you are sure to walk out a new person after every bath!

F- Automode

F-Automode Floor Mounted Water Closet

Bringing together hygiene, comfort and luxury, Queo’s Automode, an automated electronic water closet brings to you everything you always dreamt of, for your ideal bathroom. It comes with a comfy seat cover cushion, a self-cleaning nozzle, and a dryer outlet to ensure hygiene and maintenance. You can now personalize your experience according to your individual needs with the adjustable water direction, pressure, temperature and an oscillating function. The water closet offers unparalleled use of the latest technology for superior comfort, bringing you the best and even more in superlative degrees.

F- i touch

F-iTouch Remote Thermostat Divertor

How wonderful would it be if you could begin your day in a tropical rain forest, with the slight warmth of raindrops massaging every nerve of your body, or if you could bathe in a waterfall, let the flow energize you or what if you could indulge in a therapeutic spa treatment that heals you with the intricacy of the perfect pressure point stimulation. Well now, all this and more is possible with just a touch. Queo’s i touch brings to you the liberty of bathing in an altogether new environment each day and customization is only a touch away. You can now choose from variations including a rainfall function, a body jet function, a cascade waterfall function and even a mist and a hand shower function! A touch can now lead you to discover peace and calmness like never before.

The future is on its way to your bath space, ready?

Showering Yourself With A Therapeutic And Mind Lifting Experience

After a long meeting with your client or a long and tiring workout or a day full of travel, what is the one thing that will end your day on a good note? Nothing rather than a soothing shower will wash away all that tiredness making you feel rejuvenated. In today’s time, a shower is more than just something helps you clean your body; it’s something that will also clean that pent-up stress, help you relax and make you revitalized. And now according to research, it is also believed that a good shower has therapeutic properties and health benefits.


Now with the blend of technology and psychology, designers have crafted some of the most beautiful and luxurious range of showers like the:

Chromo Shower

The Chromo series seeks to emulate the dynamics of water as it occurs in nature. It uses Colour Therapy in which the energy of the colors is used to balance the psychophysical harmony in our body. With monitored levels of temperature, it brings different seasons come to life with great precision. It uses LED lighting that elevates your showering experience as a multitude of hues is used to create auras that match our different moods.

Under Chromo Shower, Queo presents two types of design which are:

F Acqua Grand

The F Acqua Grand is a combination of two showers which are Cascade and Rainfall. The gush from the Cascade will energize you while the Rainfall will leave you in complete serenity.


F Acqua Pura

The F Acqua Pura has select showers from the range of Rain, Cascade, and Mist to soak yourself in the pleasures of water. Enhanced comfort comes with convenience as you operate everything as control everything with a remote.


F Acqua Cascade

The F Acqua Cascade has a range of showers like Massage, Rain, Waterfall and much more using different flows of water depending upon water pressure. They have therapeutic features as it also massages and calms your body making you feel rejuvenated.

Feeling fresh now? Queo presents of Chromo and F Acqua Cascade Showers that are designed to comfort and alleviate your soul. It is a perfect addition to your bathroom as its made keeping the modern man’s life in mind. It makes your bathing experience luxurious and adds an aesthetic to your bathroom.

Translate Hotel Bathing Experience For Your Homes

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a lot of us may choose to check in a hotel or resort for a luxury lounging, bed, and bath. Some stay-aways boast of giving a complete bathing and lounging experience in their stunning bathrooms.

We pick inspirations from the stunning designs of bathrooms of these stay-aways. But before venturing into buying similar or inspired product line for your space, it is the design approach that should be first looked into. Products are your personal taste and you will always get something better, but the design approach can truly translate your style into reality.


  1. Color and materials matter – Top designers who design high-end residences and five-star hotels have indicated that the light, warm colors used in upscale hotels are perfect for residential baths. Proper color schemes can make even ordinary look better. For your bathroom, it means pastel shades, white or monochromatic themes which will immediately give your bathrooms a spacious look. Right bathroom products for such themes would be white in color and chrome finished when it comes to faucets and showers. If attention needs to be brought to faucets, then gold finish can be an apt fit.
  2. Lose the clutter – Create the hotel spa look, in part, by emphasizing uncluttered lines. Preferred elements would be square and under counter sinks, a soaking tub and a separate shower with frameless glass. For such a light look, one can look into Lavabo design for under counter basin and a wall mounted closet of Flavia design by Queo.
  3. Light it up – Natural light is an important part of the high-end spa and hotel bath experience. A large size window or a rimless glass facade in the external of your bathroom can work wonders. Bathtub overlooking this fixture is a pure luxury experience.
  4. Focus on four – Emulating a hotel bath at home requires a minimum four-fixture design: water closet, shower,  two sinks and faucets with a vanity if preferred. A tub is a completely personal choice but if your space allows, then go for freestanding bathtubs like Zinnia range by Queo. Because cleanliness is so important in a hotel bath, one must go for wall-hung toilets in residences as well.
  5. Water therapy – One would extremely interested in the multi-function Chromo Shower experience found in resort hotels and spas.  For clients who want the ultimate showering experience with multiple heads and settings, we can recommend  F Aqua Pura which comes with rain, cascade and mist functions. Enhanced comfort comes with convenience as you operate everything at the touch of a remote.


Taken together, these five elements provide homeowners with a place to feel pampered at the end of the day. Master baths have become people’s retreats. It’s their own getaway.



Luxury Bathroom Quotient With White & Geometric Designs

Are you looking to renovate your bathroom into a luxury space that matches with the rest of your beautiful house? To help you with the process, we have some fine bathroom design ideas that are bound to transform your bathroom into a luxurious haven. Read on and get inspired!

Neutral color schemes and pastel shades for the walls and the flooring not only make your bathroom look spacious but also bring a calming effect and pack plenty of panache giving your bath space a peaceful and mature look.

bathroom interiors

A glass facade that lets you enjoy the external view and the skyscape is helpful in letting ample of natural light enter your bathroom and also generating an air of serenity.

It is very important to make sure that the sanitary products in your bathroom complement the look and feel of the overall decor along with providing the necessary functionality. Go with all whites when selecting your bathware as they would surely help in creating a monochromatic masterpiece! An Over the counter basin sits on top of a vanity or a bench and if it has a minimal and elegant design, it can hero a bathroom or powder room. The perfect accompaniment to that would be a frameless mirror with a built-in storage space, a great example of minimalism and high functionality. A wall hung bidet and water closet with soft shapes and thin lines like the ones shown in the image are a mark of sophistication and luxury and a treat to the eye. A free-standing bathtub can change the ball-game of your bathroom design, thereby letting you retreat into your own private getaway.

This bathroom tends towards a more modern and entirely minimalist style. The products and design of this bathroom give it a relaxing atmosphere that will make any bath time feel like a treatment.

Queo’s F-Morwen range of bathware crafted with perfection by European designer Romano Adolini offers all the above mentioned products that support your every fine indulgence.

This series takes its name from its distinctive feature, the inclination. Geometric planes intersect at aesthetically pleasing angles to bring alive the angularity that symbolizes modern design. Protruding directly from the wall at an angle of 138 degrees, the F-Morwen series can be characterized by the square shapes, rounded corners and thin profile lines that alter the perception of space while maintaining reduced dimensions. It is the perfect choice for those who have a taste for neo-modernistic designs.