Break the monotony in your bathroom with the bold twists and curves of the F-Courbe collection

Are you thinking of giving a makeover to your bathroom? Do you wish to possess a bathroom that sets you apart from the crowd and leaves everyone awestruck when they take a glance at your bath space? Do you also want to make your bathroom your most favorite space in your entire house? You’re at just the right place, friend, your search ends here. You can now be ready to embrace an altogether new lifestyle because Queo brings to you the perfect products for your ideal bath space that will be nothing like you have ever owned before. Queo believes not just in creating bathroom installations but pieces of art that serve their purpose in an even better manner along with adding a sense of style to the bath space.

The newest addition to the collection of luxury bath ware is the F-Courbe which indeed is a Twist of Intelligence. The collection is called ‘Courbe’ which is the French word for ‘Curve’. The entire collection displays a range of dramatic curves that will introduce a lot of character into your bath space. The dramatically twisted elements of the F-Courbe collection are bound to drastically twist the entire appearance of your bathroom and is sure to make it look many folds more interesting. The collection features a wash basin that resembles a ribbon roll, a water closet that carries forward the curvy drama, mechanically bent faucets, basin mixers, paper holders, robe hooks, toilet brush holders and more. This essentially translates to the fact that there will always be more to discover in your bathroom once you unite it with the F-Courbe collection.

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Ease Your Life With Queo’s F-iTouch Single Lever Sink Mixer

Imagine yourself whipping up your wonders in the kitchen and you just can’t wait for your recipe to make everyone supremely happy. You are in the middle of doing one thing and you need to get something else done and as soon as you go up to wash your hands, you realize that there’s no other way to open up the tap other than dirtying it with whatever there is on your hands. Just the sight of a dirty tap can make your excitement go down the drain, not even coming to the unnecessary hassle of cleaning it up in the middle of everything that needs to be done.

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Customize Your Bathing Experience With The F- Acqua Wave Body Jet and Shower Head

Who doesn’t like spending their time in the lap of nature? Who wouldn’t love to rejuvenate themselves amidst a natural effect every day? Well, Queo has now made it possible for you to immerse yourself into an altogether new form of rejuvenation and let nature work its wonders in delighting you with its mystical touch. With the F- Acqua Wave Body Jet and Shower Head, it is now possible to experience the therapeutic touch of nature every day, right in the comfort of your home. You can now enjoy an immensely refreshing bath loaded with all the charms of nature to please all your senses at once. The F- Acqua Wave Body Jet and Shower Head brings to you the joy of bathing under a rain shower as well as bathing in an enormous sea with all its gigantic waves cleansing your mind, body, and soul.

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Bring Gold for a Luxurious Bathroom Setting

What spells out luxury better than Gold?

Gold is that one element that can instantly raise the luxury quotient of a space, furniture or an object. For ages now, gold has been an indicator of class, wealth and elegance. The wealthiest of people around the world have held the maximum possession of gold and it symbolizes luxury like nothing else.

When luxury can be reflected out of possessing an indulgent bathroom and gold can add an extra edge to the luxury dimension of absolutely anything, then gold bathrooms serve as an amalgamation of a truly luxurious lifestyle.

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Add a dash of drama in your Luxury Bathroom with the Le Forme collection

The best patterns, textures, and designs ever created are not the ones made by man but the ones that have been constructed with the steady touch of nature. No matter how hard man tries, the perfection that nature delivers in its work remains unmatched. What if we could bring this touch of nature into our homes and lend them the organic, beautiful natural feel? With Queo, it is now possible to bring home the magic of natural patterns and textures. Le Forme, the matte collection by Queo helps you create an organic space for yourself where you can dive into luxury and walk out a refreshed soul.

The Le Forme collection is carved out essentially to bring in the outdoors, to introduce the natural in the interiors. The collection is not constructed but sculpted. The ceramic range mimics the image of the sand dunes that are sculpted naturally by the wind. This is done to embrace the naturally created structures and to introduce an organic feel to any space.

The Le Forme collection lives up to its name and expands its dimensions into the domain of forms. It works on the sculpting of the bath ware and is sure to introduce drama into your bath space in great quantities. What adds the cherry on this beautifully formed cake is that the collection comes in matte colors which have the power to enhance every curve and crevice of any surface. Considering the fact that the collection is inspired from the naturally formed lines on the sand dunes, it possesses a lot of geometrically monitored sculpting which can only be expressed in the presence of matte colors.

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Create the vintage charm in your bath space with the F-Florette collection

What if your bathroom possessed the power to transport you back in time where you could sink into the old world charm but still enjoy all the latest advancements? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, Queo, living up to the enormous standards that it has created for itself has yet again raised the bar in the sphere of luxury bathware. It has entirely redefined what luxury could mean and has always delivered more than we can even imagine.

Queo brings to you the absolutely mesmerising F-Florette collection that is sure to bring back the vintage charm to your bathroom. You can now immerse yourself into serenity and rediscover what it is like to be treated as royalty.


Designed intricately with floral patterns inspired by nature, this range of bathware is bound to take you not only closer to nature but most importantly, closer to your own self. The F-Florette basins have mesmerizing patterns which are created using a specific technique. These patterns give out immense positive vibes and would surely help to calm you down. In this everyday tussle for survival, you ought to treat yourself to something so delicate and calming as the F-Florette collection.

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Sneak Peek into the Future of Luxury Bathrooms


There was a time when people walked into a bathroom, covered in sweat and dirt, hoping to wash away the residue of the day and walk out squeaky clean. This was when work involved physical labour and toil. Switching to the present day, when we walk into our homes, tired after a long day in the office, we get into the shower not necessarily to wipe off the physical residue on our bodies but mental stress and tension. More than cleansing our bodies, we need an internal cleansing, a purification of the soul.
As the expectations out of a bathroom are drifting away from a traditional view, technology comes to the rescue. Smart Tap by Queo brings to us all that we need for our modern, luxurious bathroom. Another distinguishing feature is that the Smart Tap, with its intricate and intelligent use of technology, takes us one step closer to peace and serenity by attempting to recreate the joys of nature at the comfort of our homes.

Smart Tap

The product offers unmatched experience through its unique features and lets you dive deep into luxury with excellent use of the technology and systems.

Personalised Indulgence
You can now personalise your entire bathing experience as per your personal requirements. Right from the temperature of the water, to the number of outlets to the intensity and the direction of the water, even the wetness of the mist can be controlled. After all, personal preferences deliver the best comfort.

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Hidden is Good When it Comes to Bathrooms

During the course of construction of a house, we make sure that the bricks along with other materials that make up a wall are hidden by a layer of paint. Electrical wires are made sure to be neatly arranged and covered with proper coverings. Lately, we have started hiding our lights and fans beneath false ceilings, why then do we ignore our bathrooms?
If your bathroom still displays the things that are better kept away from sight, your bathroom desperately needs a makeover.
Just like the working of our body is concealed beneath the layer of our skin, when it peels off (ouch!), we immediately run to get it covered up. You need to rush to get some pieces of equipment in your bathroom immediately covered up because some things are best kept hidden. Following are some of the alternatives that you could go for, customized for you only by Queo.

Wall Mounted Water Closet

Queo offers you luxury along with a hint of sophistication. It helps you enjoy all the best features without the hassle. You get to keep all the good things and the workings are hidden, kept beyond sight.
A wall mounted water closet spells out luxury like no other. It serves its purpose better than all its counterparts but doesn’t let it show. It is just the perfect addition to your perfect bathroom.


Hidden Cistern

Queo also brings to you an excellent range of hidden cisterns so you lead your way to hygiene in style. A loaded, heavy looking machinery installed in the bathroom adds up to the weight and takes away the relaxation part from the bathroom. If one wants to relax and unwind in a bath space, hidden installations like the hidden cistern by Queo is the perfect addition.

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Different Shower Options for Experiential Bathing

When looking for shower options, one must look for the one that offers the most customization options so that the experience derived could truly be a personalized one. A shower is a very personal activity and it must be designed in a way that it suits the needs and requirements of an individual. While some people enjoy refreshing cold showers, others like to relax in warm showers. Some might like full flow jet showers while others might be into mist showers.

Queo offers a variety of showers to choose from. You now possess the liberty to alter your bathing experience as per your individual needs. You can enjoy a customized, tailor-made bath experience made to perfectly complement your preferences.
Listed below are a few options that Queo offers in order to make your luxury bathroom the perfect bathroom for you.

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What to Choose When You Are Thinking of Remodelling Your Bespoke Bathroom

The look of a bathroom should ideally reflect the personality and the desires of the owner. The essential character of the bathroom should be designed in a way that it exhibits all the qualities that make the owner feel at ease and switch to a peaceful and a positive frame of mind.

Remodeling one’s bathroom can mean remodeling one’s rejuvenation experience. It can mean reshaping one’s relaxation routine and rediscovering calmness in an altogether new way. If you’re thinking of remodeling your bespoke bathroom, here are a few products you can incorporate in your remodeling design that will help you achieve that perfect bathroom you have always dreamt of!


A good faucet can instantly add up to that oomph factor to your bath space. The sleek design, the sheen of the polished metal, the glamorous appeal, a faucet, as little as it may appear to make an impact, can truly work wonders with your design idea. You can explore a range of quality faucets by Queo that are bound to lend a dimension to the entire look of your bathroom.


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