10 Artefacts to add to your bath lounge, This Art Day
13 Apr 2023

10 Artefacts to add to your bath lounge, This Art Day

A home is not just an asset but also a treasure chest of dreams built and embraced by love and care. Yet, while we give so much attention to beautifying the walls and interiors of our homes, we often overlook making efforts to enhance the look and feel of our bath spaces.

A home is not just an asset but also a treasure chest of dreams built and embraced by love and care. Yet, while we give so much attention to beautifying the walls and interiors of our homes, we often overlook making efforts to enhance the look and feel of our bath spaces. Bathrooms are intimate zones for self-care and relaxation, and their interiors speak a lot about your taste and personality. So, don’t let your love for home decor be confined to the walls of your room. Enhance the aesthetics of your bath space with these fascinating European artifacts and decor ideas:

1. Paintings

Nothing adds character to the space quite like paintings and artwork inspired by European culture. Simply hanging a glass painting or integrating art ledges is the perfect way to highlight your artsy taste. You can experiment with a serene landscape painting to ooze soothing vibes or an abstract art painting to transform your mood.

In fact, if you have enough bare space on the walls, you can go for an oversized piece of art that can be hung near your bathtub to make the decor extravagant.


2. Venetian Mirror

Integrating a Venetian mirror in the bathroom exudes compassion and luxury. The mirror complements every kind of space theme, minimalistic or sophisticated. And of course, it isn't just a decoration piece but also a functional element that encourages self-reflection and mood to kick-start your day.

Considering the overall aesthetic of the space, you can choose the design and size of the mirror that effortlessly fits in your bathroom to give it a delicate makeover. This Venetian accent piece in the bath space can be accompanied by a decorative lighting design that highlights the intricate details of the mirror.


3. Sculpture bust

A sculpture bust in the bathroom magnificently represents the exquisite taste in art and culture of the people living in the house. Whether you prefer a traditional piece made of marble or a bust with pop colours to create a whimsical vibe, you can be assured of elevating the luxurious appeal of the space.

To embrace the essence of European decor, a Napoleon bust would just be what you need. You can place it near the vanity area or adjacent to a bathroom window to create a point of attraction.


4. Vintage Posters

To change the feel of the space into a retro style, use rustic vintage posters and add a touch of vibrancy and brightness to your bathroom wall decor. Your bathroom can easily pick the most personality with a multitude of options available.

You can create a symmetrical look by picking posters that have a colour combination in line with the current colour theme of the walls. Further, you can paste a number of posters on the same wall and create a poster gallery wall that truly reflects your interest in contemporary art.


5. Wooden Accessories

European bathroom decor primarily manifests earthy elements to create a calming atmosphere. Incorporating the detailing of wooden decorative accessories boasts liveliness and makes you feel closer to nature.

Embellishing your space with wooden accessories like a bathroom vanity creates a simplistic yet extravagant feel. You can also go for a wooden platform for the bathtub to accentuate the essence of the timeless decor. Similarly, another simpler way is to integrate wooden storage shelves that contain toothbrush holders, soap trays, and other decorative things made of wood.


6. Wall Murals

Introducing the spirit of art in your private space does not have to be boring and conventional with wall murals. Murals are a great way to add colour and expression to your intimate zones.

You can choose from elegant flowery patterns to abstract designs and create a bathroom decor that defines your taste in luxury. The choice of design can help you achieve the dream look that represents your idea of spending some leisure time.


7. Wall Lamp

Another simple and effective way to elevate the art quotient in your bathroom is to install wall lamps. Wall lamps effortlessly merge functionality with the beauty aspect of the space. They foster a soothing mood with their sleek and subtle lighting.

These lamps are a great alternative to traditional and old-fashioned light bulbs, which usually serve the mere purpose of illuminating the space. Additionally, decorative lamps also allow you to introduce a variety of colour tones to trigger different emotions.


8. Bath rugs

Bath rugs are decorative elements that instantly enhance the cleanliness quotient of a bathroom while maintaining the decor. You can coordinate these with the shade palette of curtains and walls to create a cohesive look.

Not just colours, you can also experiment with shape, material, and design patterns like oval-shaped rugs, round microfiber rugs, fuzzy bath rugs, and much more to make the decor look extraordinary.


9. Showpiece vase

A classic way to spell class and escape a dull and boring environment is to add vases with blooming flowers and ferns. It will introduce freshness to the space and make it livelier.

Most commonly, glass vases are preferred by homeowners who want to keep the decor minimalistic yet sumptuous. However, metallic and ceramic vases are also in trend to uplift the overall appearance.


10. Chandelier

If you want to flaunt it and make an attention-grabbing statement, adding a luxurious chandelier to your bathroom decor is a must. The chandelier should be skillfully incorporated into the present theme of your bathroom in a place that doesn’t go unnoticed.

Choose between a crystal or non-crystal chandelier and accentuate its intricate design and details with the help of natural lighting in the space.


These were some additions for your bathroom to look luxurious and reflect your opulent lifestyle through European artwork. However, if you bring QUEO to your bath lounge, you don't need any of the above artifacts as you are already bringing the MASTERPIECE home!

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