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Sneak Peek into the Future of Luxury Bathrooms


There was a time when people walked into a bathroom, covered in sweat and dirt, hoping to wash away the residue of the day and walk out squeaky clean. This was when work involved physical labour and toil. Switching to the present day, when we walk into our homes, tired after a long day in the office, we get into the shower not necessarily to wipe off the physical residue on our bodies but mental stress and tension. More than cleansing our bodies, we need an internal cleansing, a purification of the soul.
As the expectations out of a bathroom are drifting away from a traditional view, technology comes to the rescue. Smart Tap by Queo brings to us all that we need for our modern, luxurious bathroom. Another distinguishing feature is that the Smart Tap, with its intricate and intelligent use of technology, takes us one step closer to peace and serenity by attempting to recreate the joys of nature at the comfort of our homes.

Smart Tap

The product offers unmatched experience through its unique features and lets you dive deep into luxury with excellent use of the technology and systems.

Personalised Indulgence
You can now personalise your entire bathing experience as per your personal requirements. Right from the temperature of the water, to the number of outlets to the intensity and the direction of the water, even the wetness of the mist can be controlled. After all, personal preferences deliver the best comfort.

Luxury at your fingertips
Luxury is now accessible like never before. The experience can simply be monitored by a smartphone app, significantly increasing the usability quotient. The digital step-by-step procedures guide you through the customization process with absolute ease.

Ease of Access
A user-friendly operating system ensures that your experience remains truly relaxing. The voice command feature using amazon echo lends you the freedom to operate even without a touch.

Supreme Safety
The smart tap has something in store for everyone. It can identify bathing patterns and send warning signals if there is a deviation from these patterns, ensuring the safety of seniors and kids like. Now, that is one feature that truly deserves to be called smart.

Let technology connect you to a serene side that you are yet to discover, let it leap into your bathroom and create moments of absolute bliss. When it is all turning just a click away, your bathroom deserves to be future ready too!

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