A treat to your senses which are designed to evolve your bathing experience to the next level.


Immerse your senses in the delight of handcrafted modern bathrooms


With its subtle yet modern free flowing lines, this range creates an air of serenity with its design.


A range that has been styled to radiate pure abstraction and brings out fluidity in design.


Nothing evokes water in nature, like a shower and Queo takes it to another level with the idea of indulgence. The shower head is no just a water inlet, it is also a major element of design that adorns the wall and ceiling of a bathroom. Queo brings a series of luxury shower accessories,and shower heads which can completely transform the look of your bathroom in a way that creates not just a visual spectacle but also becomes an experience zone for an indulgent shower. At the end of a stressful day or at the beginning of one, what meets you in the bathroom is a spa-like environment that will rejuvenate, revive and ease your senses. Be it a soothing warm shower or a cold misty rain shower that will relax you and bring a new freshness to your day. The power of a shower piece is that it can give your bathroom that distinct glint of luxury and highlight the space. Be it a rain shower or hand shower, they have the ability to make the bathroom’s ambience perfect. As an integral part of a luxury bathroom , a luxurious shower head is a must to install within your shower room.
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