Presenting luxury that lets you create environments with just a touch. The F-iTouch Digital Thermostat is a pioneering new technology for your bath space. Our patrons can now customize their bathing experience with the F-iTouch. This masterpiece of minimal design is an intuitive thermostatic remote that helps in having complete control the shower.


Evoke the luxuries of nature in every shower. Be it the wetness of mist, waterfall, a tropical downpour or thrill of a roaring jet stream. A shower is much more with an F-iTouch.

Nothing is more sensorial to the human body than the feeling of being one with nature itself. Designed to give the experience of showering in the rain, this is one function that will soon become a favourite after a tough day. The falling on your skin rejuvenate the body and massage the entire skin, pore by pore. At the same time, the soothing sound of trickling rain also relaxes the mind thoroughly.

When water hits an exact spot with accurate pressure, it creates a kind of pressure point that helps you relax. It is the perfect therapy for destressing and revitalizing the senses. This mini water massage feels like a blessing that energizes you and makes you feel revived every time you step out of the shower.

There’s only one thing more indulgent than a home next to a waterfall, a waterfall inside your home. Experience that thrill at the push of a button. When water gushes in a thick strand onto your skin, it massages every muscle of your body. A true sensorial delight that creates a feeling of harmony and relaxation. This natural waterfall in your closet soothes both mind and body.

Be surprised at the range this shower offers. From the roaring splashes of a waterfall to the cloudy mists of a mountain. Experience water that feels feather soft on your skin. Get immersed in the tranquillity of mist, calming your thoughts and energising your body.

This function brings ‘smart’ technology to the showering segment. This single touch technology gives the convenience of navigating through various features with just one point of control. Press the knob once to turn on the system, and the knob will show a purple illumination. Press the knob again to turn off the flow.

Automated gadgets need careful handling when there’s a child in the house. And to prevent scalding due to hot water or misuse of the temperature settings, we have a preventive technology to avert any mishaps. The Child Safety Lock is a special-purpose lock that is designed to help prevent children from getting injured. Child-lock mode is activated when the temperature setting is equal to or over 38° Celsius.

F-iTouch Digital Thermostat takes convenience to a whole new level. It is designed to stabilize the water against any external change in pressure, water flow or temperature. And lets you enjoy your shower without any hindrance.

While ease is paramount, safety is a priority too. F-iTouch Digital Thermostat is water resistant. You can safely switch modes amidst your shower without any fear. It is completely shockproof.


Input Supply Voltage: AC110V-230V 50Hz-60Hz
Supply Voltage of Control panel, Processor & Diverter: DC12V
Maximum Load: 18W

Inlet Cold Water Pressure Range: 1 bar-5bar
Inlet Hot Water Pressure Range: 1bar-5bar
Outlet Water Flow Rate (at 3bar): 25 L/min*

Maximum Temperature (Preset): 38℃
Maximum Temperature (Setting Range): 25℃-45℃
Minimum Temperature 25℃, Full selectable
Protection: 49℃
Temperature Stability: +/- 1℃ at recommended supply conditions
Hot Water Range: 55℃-75℃
Cold Water Range: 4℃-29℃
Ambient Temperature: 4℃-40℃
Humidity 95% non-condensing
Power Off Water Protection Time: 3 Second
Cold Water Supply Failure Protection: 2.5 Second

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