F-Automode - Queo’s Automated Electronic Water Closet, offers unmatched style with the latest technology. Experience the best in class with one touch rear cleansing, adjustable water direction, pressure, temperature and an oscillating function. The list of features goes on. A masterpiece art and technology, Queo is the water closet of tomorrow, brought to you today.


1. SEAT COVER CUSHION - Keeps the lid hygienic.


3. DRYER OUTLET - Removes wet patches post cleansing for added comfort and convenience.

4. REAR CLEANSING NOZZLE - One touch rear cleansing with adjustable water direction, pressure, temperature and an oscillating function.

5. FEMININE CLEANSING NOZZLE - Feminine cleansing feature that uses gentle nozzle spray for thorough but tender care.

6. HEATED SEAT - Ergonomically shaped seat designed for optimum comfort even during the cold winter months.

7. WATER PRESSURE ADJUSTABLE - Adjust water pressure when cleaning

8. WATER TEMPERATURE - Adjust water temperature when cleaning

9. WARM AIR DRYER - Dry the body by warm wind

10. POWER ON/OFF - Stop Posterior • Stop Feminine • Stop Dryer/ Temp

11. POWER SAVING - Enter power saving state by the touch of a button

12. NOZZLE SELF CLEANING - Used to manually clean nozzle

13. SOFT NIGHT LAMP - Turn the light On or Off



It is designed to be operated by remote control. You can choose the remote control to use different Automode functions instead of using the mainframe button on the side of the water closet.


Confirm power plug is well plugged into the electric outlet and the indicator light is on. Open the shut off valve. Insert the battery into remote control and switch on. Press the power button on the panel or turn on the power by remote control; also confirm that power LED on the toilet is on otherwise it cannot be operated. Use the water closet completely as per your discretion.

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