Le Forme is a collection that brings a dramatic theme to your space. Forever the domain of clean linear lines this collection introduces the geometry of circles within circles that appear as ceramic grooves on the elements. A fresh new personality emerges as the grooves mimic an organic form sculpted in ceramic. Your bath space gets a stunning luxurious centerpiece and the power of design prevails.


Fabrizio Batoni

Fabrizio Batoni

Fabrizio Batoni was born in Colle di Val d’Elsa and he graduated in architecture at Florence University. Studio Batoni is an architecture and design studio that was founded by him in 1997. His skills, range from product design to interior architecture. The driving force of his design is the desire to create interesting form and drama keeping an eye to the needs of man and the environment that surrounds it.

Fabrizio Batoni

Alessandro Veralli

Architect and designer, Alessandro Veralli was born on the Maggiore Lake in 1971 in Italy. He started his Architectural studies at the Politecnico of Milan where he first received his master degree. His working career took him back to his homeland where he designed and oversaw the construction of a variety of project. His design career shifted from architecture to product design in 2008. He is known for clean and simple design he has the brilliant ability to draw people mind and eyes to them.



Matte colours are an integral element of our world, they define a space and highlight it through contrast. A sensory perception, matter colours have effects that are symbolic, associative and emotional. A dash of matte colour can add a new aesthetic influence to the minimalist bath space and inspire instinctive reaction, giving every experience a new dimension. Queo has, hence, experimented with new shades in their bathroom proposals, giving indulgence and drama a new meaning, and becoming a source of inspiration for architects and designers. Celebrate matte colours with the Le Forme range – the softness of white, elegance of grey, warmth of brick and regal tone of matte black.

Wash basin

Le Forme | Q677240224
Wall Mounted Water Closet (Matte Black)

Le Forme | Q677420224
Wall Mounted Bidet (Matte Black)

Le Forme | Q677140424
Over-The-Counter Basin 700 mm (Matte Black)

Le Forme | Q677140324
Over-The-Counter Basin 500 mm (Matte Black)

Le Forme | Q677240325
Wall Mounted Water Closet (Grey Bromine)

Le Forme | Q677420325
Wall Mounted Bidet (Grey Bromine)

Le Forme | Q677140625
Over-The-Counter Basin 700 mm (Grey Bromine)

Le Forme | Q677140525
Over-The-Counter Basin 500 mm (Grey Bromine)

Le Forme | Q677240123
Wall Mounted Water Closet (Matte White)

Le Forme | Q677420123
Wall Mounted Bidet (Matte White)

Le Forme | Q677140223
Over-The-Counter Basin 700 mm (Matte White)

Le Forme | Q677140123
Over-The-Counter Basin 500 mm (Matte White)

Le Forme | Q677240426
Wall Mounted Water Closet (Beaver)

Le Forme | Q677420426
Wall Mounted Bidet (Beaver)

Le Forme | Q677140826
Over-The-Counter Basin 700 mm (Beaver)

Le Forme | Q677140726
Over-The-Counter Basin 500 mm (Beaver)

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