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The technology and design of water closets have transcended their original ideas in Queo. At Queo, the water closet is a study in design brilliance, ergonomics and tech advancement. A blend of aesthetic and functional features makes an ideal luxury bathroom. We bring along an array of luxurious modern water closets (also known as European water closet or flush lavatory) being an integral item from those products. Our trendy range of luxury water closets are purely casted out of grandeur. These are designed to give your luxurious master bathroom a touch of sophistication while adding to its elegance. Queo has successfully made its mark within the bathroom space, while serving its customers with high-end quality luxurious bathroom products like Italian basin, designer faucets and mixers , bidets , creating an international presence. We are also successful in creating and maintaining a sense of trust amongst our target audience, while serving them with best of our durable products.
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