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Ways to give your Bathroom a Designer Look

When it comes to decorating a bathroom, you don’t need to break your bank. You need to know the best color hacks and learn how to use paint color and accessories to create a fantastic bathroom. One of the easiest ways to transform the plain space in a high-end showpiece is changing the lighting in your bathroom instead of thinking about how the lighting is used in a bathroom for a designer look. And if you have ample space, then pendants are pretty trendy.

Tips to give your bathroom a designer look:

White Elegant Simplicity

Besides using luxury bathroom accessories, one can consider white cabinets and countertops and create one backdrop for a simple and elegant bathroom. Additionally, one can use light neutral light and white bath linens to create a high-end bathroom style. One can also pair white linens to tie up everything together.

Gray Bathrooms are Timeless Beauties

After timeless whites, grays are go-to shade for a plethora of people as it is soothing and easy to match. Warm grays like greige as a bathroom from looking cold. It is an ideal choice to complement a wood vanity or trim in the space and with brushed silver fixtures and use some lighting and accessories to complete your high-end gray bathroom look.

Create a Soothing Bath Retreat with some Monochromatic Color Scheme

ideally, some of the most expensive bathrooms are spa-inspired. Still, these bathrooms can be created by using simple colors and materials thanks to their relaxing qualities. One doesn’t need to choose a neutral color for their monochromatic scheme as pretty blue, or aqua paint color in varying shades can be super relaxing, too. It is easy to create a monochromatic color scheme.

Make the Outdoors Look Stunning

The majority of the expensive bathrooms tend to include the outdoors as a design element, and for a bathroom makeover, one can look for ways to bring the outdoors in with new window treatments that let more light in. Plants are a fantastic way to recreate an outdoor space but also have Feng Shui benefits.

Add an Unexpected Dash of Color

White bathroom gets an instant style boost with bold color as a quick makeover of your white bathroom doesn’t need many colors. The main secret is to choose one color for an accent and repeat it in the bathroom.

Use Colorful Tiles-

Bathroom tile doesn’t have to be neutral or plain as expensive art-inspired spaces use tile in creative ways. One can try installing a glass tile backsplash in pretty colors or look for mirrors with colorful tile frames. For a fun look, one can match towels and other accessories.

Luxurious Wood Element-

Wood, being a decorative element, can give one’s bathroom a relaxed and calming retreat style. One can also pair the wood accents with neutral paint colors and natural decor accents to complete the soothing look.

Hence these tips can help you revamp your bathroom.

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